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The Splinter in Your Mind

Take note of the day, it will go down in the history of your life as a major event – a time things changed dramatically for the better.  It’s the day you started reading The Splinter In Your Mind!

Every chapter is filled with dramatic insights and profound concepts that will move you toward your destiny of a life filled with happiness, love and prosperity.  You’ll see a picture emerging that will not only change you, but it can change the world.

Don’t skip the Preface, it sets the table.  Chapter one is a clear and eye-opening description of why we are the way we are because of a revolution that happened in our distant past.  It de-mystifies so many perplexing question and turns on a light that will just get brighter as the chapters unfold.

And so, the chapters will come, and you’ll want to take time to think about them and consider what they mean to you.  You’ll feel challenged, and there will definitely be times you enjoy the rush of enlightenment.  Let the clarity of the logic, and the power of the concepts connection to reality sink in.  This book demands careful reflection and examination.  It’s not a book for all even thought we think everyone needs it.  Some people feel the need for living life to the fullest while others seem to go through their years without any thought of examining ways to make it richer and more rewarding.

This is not like any book you’ve ever read, we guarantee that – and it’s not what you’re expecting.  Read what is here, then, if you choose, simply write us and we’ll send you Chapter 2.  The first two chapters are foundational whereas they give the rest of the book a basis of ideas and themes that will orient you for what’s to come.  Then, you can move on to Chapter 3, Your Sense of Life.  You’ll want to welcome each new chapter as it rolls out.

It is our great joy to bring these ideas to you and to this world.   Like you, we want to have a life worth living, and we want to do our part in helping make the world a better place for our children and for all.

Todd and Julia Reinhardt


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