Preface to The Splinter In Your Mind


In the movie THE MATRIX, the main character Neo faced the agonizing realization that his entire life and the world he lived in was a lie. Lawrence Fishburne who portrayed Morpheus, described Neo’s confusion, that Neo always knew something was wrong with the world, but what he knew he couldn’t explain. Morpheus went on to say that it was driving him mad and described this dilemma as a splinter in Neo’s mind.
You know something is wrong with this world and your life. But you can’t quite put your finger on it. You think hard, trying to identify what it is, yet it still escapes you. This inkling is always there, like a splinter in your mind. Following the ideas and concepts offered in this book will not only reveal the splinter in your mind, but you will gain what many books promise but ultimately fail to deliver; the love, prosperity, and happiness that make life worth living. The nagging splinter will be replaced with a wonderful feeling of self assurance and purpose.
So, you’ve been presented with some incredible goals. Like all worthwhile endeavors, if they weren’t challenging they would just be another activity. They are challenging because you are caught between two very real things; your desire to have a life worth living and an adamant grip on what you think is real. On one hand you want to be happy, know love and have prosperity, but on the other hand you strongly resist change. If you aren’t willing to give up the familiar you will continue to have the same results. You have a choice, resume your usual mode of thinking, or keep reading with an open mind that is willing to courageously challenge your beliefs and ideals.
One popular psychologist had a great saying, “How’s that workin’ out for you?” There are many reasons why there must be some fundamental changes made to your life and this world. They range from discouragement, fear, the economy, war, divorce, despair and so on. You know that something is horribly wrong.
We have only one life, it’s not a rehearsal, and we want it to be rich and rewarding. Most people turn to different ideas and beliefs to find the deep answers, and yet the nagging feeling persists. It’s time to explore the reasons why all of these ideas have failed. We don’t have to look far to realize that most people’s lives are miserable, devoid of fulfillment, value, direction, richness, true happiness, prosperity and deep romantic love. There is a quiet desperation that is accepted. You sense that others have similar feelings but we all politely avoid discussing them.
Most people want the rewards of life without doing the hard work to achieve them. As you read this book and face the challenges ahead, are you going to cling to your past, your old ideas and beliefs? They may feel comfortable, but as you read and you feel that tug, remember those words, “How’s that workin’ out for you?”
Not only are individuals struggling, but the world is drifting from crisis to crisis. The ideas in this book are valuable to everyone in every situation, including governments. The world is crossing a dangerous threshold that is more serious than a heart attack. Nowadays, people can survive a heart attack, but life on Earth will not make it through this doorway. Be it two years, two decades or two centuries, it’s inescapable, we will eventually cross the threshold and make a lethal decision – the nuclear decision. However, unlike a heart attack, there is no second chance. Given the billions of years it took for us to evolve and all the wondrous things we’ve accomplished, isn’t our most critical action to stop nuclear annihilation? Also, just consider all the love, joy, happiness and prosperity that we have yet to experience. It’s obvious that moving successfully through the nuclear decision threshold is our top priority and most urgent consideration!
Make no mistake, we are crossing the nuclear decision threshold right now. As you’re reading this book it’s staring you and seven billion people in the eye, as well as determining the possibility of billions of future lives. All considerations vanish if we destroy the Earth with nuclear bombs. If we continue our current path a nuclear inferno will destroy our planet. Life depends on all of us taking action now to prevent this horrific catastrophe. We are running out of time to fix the problems in society and our political systems that are surely leading to our annihilation.
In THE MATRIX, Morpheus presented Neo with a choice between moving forward into an unknown future of truth and reality, or waking up the next morning to believe whatever he wanted to believe. You too can turn the page for a new life or continue on the familiar road. But you already know where that road goes.


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