Manuscript Two – Preface




In the first manuscript, consciousness was defined as the method one uses to assess and integrate reality. Similarly, an assessment of reality is used to form the fundamental rules, attitudes and perspectives that shape civilization. It’s possible to compare the consciousness of one century to another. As a relevant example, this preface compares the consciousness of the 19th and 20th Centuries establishing the purpose of this manuscript; to present the vital principles for a new consciousness that would provide the basis for a happy, secure and prosperous future.

The consciousness of a century does not automatically begin in its first year. The 20th Century’s consciousness didn’t depart from the previous one until 1911-1917. During this period, the fundamental social norms, attitudes and perspectives changed so radically they no longer resembled the previous consciousness. Although there were minor alterations to the new consciousness of the 20th Century, it didn’t fundamentally change to this point.

It’s evident upon examining the outcome of the 20th Century that there’s a critical need for change. The first manuscript of this book [The Splinter In Your Mind, Manuscript 1, Chapters 1-3] introduced a powerful set of concepts essential to establishing a new consciousness. This new manuscript continues that work by presenting the most vital aspect of this monumental shift; morality.

One shouldn’t reminisce about the 19th Century with fond, nostalgic feelings for guidance. The 19th Century featured brutal abuses to human freedom and military devastation, nearly spanning its entire history and beyond. Any new consciousness is naturally built upon the ruins of the previous, and that’s certainly true for the 19th and 20th Centuries.

As we move forward, it’s tempting to retain certain aspects of past idealized eras. For example, mysticism and the ethics of self-sacrifice were key features of both the 19th and 20th Centuries. In the 19th Century they were found in religion, while the 20th Century perpetuated them through socialism. Both systems offered external guidance and pandered to mysticism, as well as the ethics of self-sacrifice, albeit in different forms. Instead of preaching a heavenly Utopia from the pulpit, leaders in the 20th Century promised an earth-bound Utopia but, in both cases, it was always ‘just out of reach’. In both, your life was not your own: In one it belonged to a Creator, while in the other, your neighbor. In one your morality came from on high where you were forced to serve a Creator, while in the other, from a faceless government that forced you to serve your neighbor. In both centuries the cause and form of morality was unseen and unknowable; either an invisible God or a concept called ‘society’ that included everyone, except you. This book explains why the underlying philosophical tenets of each century were identical and why western society faced devastating failures.

The 20th Century’s consciousness was characterized by speed, its dominant and most pervasive feature. From telegraphs to smart phones, Model-Ts to the Space Shuttle, speed dramatically shaped all aspects of life. During the last century, weapons of mass destruction evolved from machine guns that killed millions, to nuclear bombs capable of ending life on earth. Governments also sped up their pace of change with progressive politics, career politicians and massive political machines. Inevitably, economies crashed and debt exploded, followed by the certain disaster that arises from the ubiquitous printing of money.

Speed also changed the way people viewed the world, their own lives and each other. Society sustained such radical transformation in the 20th Century that personal responsibility, thrift, goodness and reason nearly vanished. A century later, the hallmarks of society are chronic irresponsibility, rampant entitlement and a prevailing Utopian stupor. To reflect this new consciousness, governments print trillions of dollars to bolster destroyed economies and finance bankrupted social liabilities. World-wide economic disaster, personal despair, crime and hostility between nations are all consequences of the 20th Century’s consciousness.

The political system spawned by the 20th Century’s consciousness also left the world poised for unfathomable war. The weapons of war and the potential for conflict could easily ignite from even a slight diplomatic misstep. If there’s one aspect of the current consciousness that is desperately pleading for change, it’s the clear and present danger of a global nuclear catastrophe.

It’s urgent we embrace and adapt to a new consciousness, free of the philosophical flaws of the past. One hundred years from now the consciousness of the 21st Century will be judged, and this is certain; proceeding with the old consciousness will assure our descent into catastrophic collapse and unthinkable war. You’re holding the book that provides vital principles for the new consciousness that will lift humanity past these perils to achieve its full potential for happiness, love and prosperity.




Welcome to the second of four manuscripts that comprise our book, The Splinter In Your Mind. The first manuscript established the basic philosophy, as well as crucial concepts required for this book and its powerful proposals.

Finally after two years, my husband and I are releasing a natural extension of the first manuscript. The New Consciousness expands the concepts found in the first manuscript by adding the moral dimension and further explanatory developments.

We have employed the use of persuasive metaphors throughout the book and will continue. In fact, the title itself comes from a movie that was a mental model of self-discovery and renewal. In the movie The Matrix, the character Neo knew something was wrong with the world he lived in, but what he knew, he couldn’t identify. One line in the script said it drove him mad, like a splinter in his mind. My husband and I recognize this state of mind is common in the world today, so we are presenting vital concepts to identify the splinter and offer powerful solutions.

The fundamental philosophical approach and the concepts in our manuscripts are meant to solve the dilemmas that have consistently plagued individuals and civilizations. The ideas here are for every individual and government, representing a bold new vision and direction.

Like you, we see the abysmal state of the world’s economy, the hostilities creating potential disastrous results, and individuals struggling to find love, happiness, health and prosperity. The social ills facing us are daunting, and greatly distressing to those paying attention.

In the first manuscript we asked our readers if, given the results, have our current concepts, philosophy and morality served us well? We quoted a famous psychologist, known for asking, “How’s that workin’ out for you?” As you read, ask yourself the same thing. When you feel the urge to cling to well-known ideas and moral traditions, consider the state of people’s lives and this world and ask, “How’s that workin’ out for you?”

This book may be small enough to fit in your hands, but it’s a key to a whole new life of happiness, prosperity and love. Following its concepts grants passage to a more successful and secure world for all current and future civilizations. And given that nuclear war is the cost of failure, we’re out of time. We can’t afford to be like Nero and fiddle while Rome burns.

You know the frustration of standing at your door without your key. Inside there’s warmth, comfort and the place you call home. Suddenly it strikes you that a small piece of brass, that doesn’t even fill the palm of your hand, is all that stands between your feelings of frustration, despair and the comforts of home. This book may be small, but it’s the key to leaving behind the confusion, madness, despair and pain. Turn the key and the full potential of your might will be unleashed. Move forward, abandon the consciousness of failure to know security and greatness.

The New Consciousness is a remedy for the recurring ills that afflict civilization. Few people realize how perilous the world economy has become, and how desperate and unfulfilled most people are. The spiritual and statist leaders are helpless and devoid of any real answers. When one looks at the world in desperation and prays, they’re out of bullets. When the statist elites print money, they’re out of bullets. Both have come to the end of their remedies. Both are ignoring the real problem.

This manuscript does not prescribe the same solutions that got us here – of course not! So naturally, these concepts will run counter to the morality and ideas that created economic crashes, war and inexplicable devastation. Doing things the same way and expecting different results is insanity, so stop and think, how has your current path been ‘workin’ out for you?’

The ideas and concepts you hold in your hands at this moment are vigorous and bold when compared to the consciousness of today’s world. No one goes to the emergency room when they feel well, but the current problem is that the patient doesn’t realize how sick it is. Most people are hoping, oblivious and distracted by following the latest trends while sleepwalking into catastrophe; but it’s time to call the ambulance!

If we survive nuclear annihilation, sure, the ideas in this book are a road map back from disaster, but who’s to say the world won’t collapse, leading to a thousand years of darkness? Wouldn’t you rather prevent that future, no matter how challenging or offensive the cure may seem?

Picture yourself witnessing a mushroom cloud billowing over your city, saying to your child, “I knew how to prevent this, but the solution offended me!” Suppose the world is ravaged by an endless depression, what would be your excuse to future generations? “Sure, I could have prevented this, but the solution offended me!”

You’re holding the key. You can pray, print or proceed. Your grandchildren will know which one you chose.


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