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If you understood the ways you were being manipulated in every situation but knew exactly what to do, you would be in total control of your life! You would experience your genuine power to design your life virtually any way you wanted. You could realize your full, potential power to achieve all the love, happiness and prosperity you desire.
The first chapter referred to our mode of thinking as our survival mechanism, and that we must choose to use it. We must choose to employ the mind’s powerful introspective abilities to gather, analyze and use information. At the heart of this method of living is the decision to take personal responsibility for your actions. It begins by recognizing a few facts, namely, all things are knowable, that conscious thinking is flexible and powerful, and that it gives us superior insights and unbeatable advantages.
Certain ideas here are keys to achieving the rewards the book promises, namely to identify what is wrong with this world and you, and give you the knowledge you need to fix it. The two most critical ideas that begin this process are that everything is knowable and, you are competent to lead and guide yourself. We don’t know everything, but in our practical life we can successfully gather the necessary facts and ideas required to make the best decisions.
We are taught that some authorities are special, and we must rely on their exclusive or mystical link to higher powers, (withheld from us) and follow their guidance. That is an appeal to our ancient mind’s desire to seek sure-thing knowledge and external leadership. That method of thinking is outmoded, lazy and what led to great disorder about 3,400 years ago. The natural mind led to incomplete, inflexible and ineffective problem solving that resulted in the inevitable conclusion – total societal collapse. Vestiges of the ancient mind lead nations to war, mounting debt and chaos, and leave individuals unhappy, unfulfilled and aimless.

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