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Media Kit Enters Final Stage of Production

Tonight I meet with a very skilled artist who specializes in elaborate scrapbooking…. she has serious mad skills at shaping and decorating.  The media kit will be very beautiful and I’m counting on her skills to put it over the top.  I’ll be posting a pic of the final product soon.

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Cool Coasters Available – Part of the Media Kit


New Pic of Authors Taken for Upcoming Media Kit


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Go to You Tube and look up the Todd Reinhardt channel.   I make many video commentaries on various topics that relate to the big questions, also post a daily philosophy monologue, The Success Monologue.  Check it out and subscribe.

First Manuscript Re-Narration Begins

It’s been a busy summer, but I’ve finally started the re-narration of the first manuscript.  It won’t be long!!

Facebook Giveaway

Subscribe to the Todd Reinhardt channel on You Tube in July and you go into a draw to win one of 25 audiobook versions of the second book, The New Consciousness.

Audiobook Available

The second audiobook is complete, making the book available in all formats, paperback, kindle and now, audio.  Everything is available at the BUY THE BOOK button.  Pick it up and get reading today… any way you like.

Voicework On Audiobooks Almost Done

Stand by, I’m working hard on completing the most popular version of the book… audio.  Now that the book is done and the first manuscript has undergone a great polishing, I’m going to revoice it too.  Expect an announcement soon.

Many Updates Made to Book

Today over 100 minor changes were made to the book.  These are very minor changes that do not change anything major in the book.  There were minor grammatical updates that brought the book in line with our desired writing and communication style.  From now on, when the book is ordered, it will reflect these changes.  A new audiobook version will be made soon.

Splinter on Twitter

If you’re looking for us on Twitter, look up Todd Reinhardt… then follow and do lots of retweeting!

Who Needs The Book?

One of the things I was thinking about today was marketing… and central to this effort is getting ‘promotional’ copies of the book into the right hands.  This would be people who can use it to sharpen their content going forward by reading the book.  Also, these folks will promote the book.  I’d like to get your opinions on this… who do you think would use and promote the concepts in the book?  let me know.

Second Manuscript Finished!

Great excitement this weekend as Julia and I wrapped up the writing for the book.  We’re presently going over the final draft to make sure it’s ready to go off for publication.  After 2+ years we’re moving on to do a little marketing and thinking about the next manuscript.

You Tube Channel Given a Facelift- And More Marketing Stuff…

We’ve decided to use You Tube as our cutting edge marketing tool in the social media world.  Today I put some work into the look of the channel, and I added some new content.  This site and You Tube will be very active from now on.  Worked on a lot of marketing ideas today.  What I did will serve as the outline of the book’s marketing plan over the next few months.  Also today, we implemented quite a few minor changes to the original manuscript and loaded them into the Kindle and Amazon paperpack versions.  A new audiobook version is coming soon too for the first book.

Splinter’s Prices Adjusted

The Splinter In Your Mind will be released in four manuscripts.  We don’t think you should have to wait for each one, so they’re being released separately.  The final manuscripts will released in a single book, and that will sell for about 24.99 (for all four)  We decided that each of the books should reflect their quarter of the final price so we’re fair to people who buy the book one manuscript at a time.  So, as of today, the price of each manuscript has dropped dramatically!  The Kindle version is so cheap it’s unbelievable.  Click on the Buy The Book button and get going… there’s nothing stopping you!


Some minor changes (mainly grammatical) coming to the original text soon.  As well, we are ready to publish the second manuscript for the book (of 4)  We’re excited!  The second manuscript builds on the rudimentary concepts of the first, and moves on to flesh out those ideas and couch them in more meaning… specifically their moral and ethical aspects.  The second manuscript of The Splinter In Your Mind is called The New Consciousness.  Watch for it soon!


Julia and I are very excited about the new book as the day of publication draws near!  Finally, we have completed the cover!  I’m thrilled that my son got involved (that’s him on the cover!)  go ahead and click on it and see it in full size!



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