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Just a few short years, that's all we have, and we want to make them worth living, but what does that mean and how can we make it happen? This life isn't a rehearsal, it's serious! How do we live well in this world? How do we bring true happiness, love and prosperity into our lives? The splinter in your mind is always there telling you that the solutions you've been fed obviously don't work. This book removes that nagging reminder and replaces it with a wonderful feeling of self assurance and purpose.

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It’s not just you, it’s everyone - individuals and nations are confused, frightened and desperate for answers. The way forward won’t be the path that got us here. It won’t look like government, feel like religion or smack of New Age woo-woo. Although you can’t identify them, you sense there are real problems, and you’re certain the solutions must be rational and realistic.

You’ve wondered, how long can economic disasters, religious strife and super-power posturing continue in a world riddled with nuclear bombs? How long must individuals grope for happiness, love and success? Now, you’ve discovered the very principles and values essential for happiness, peace and prosperity.

The New Consciousness is easy to understand as it identifies an extraordinary advancement in morality from a unique and powerful perspective. It presents an innovative, monumental change that’s long overdue. As you turn the pages you’ll feel yourself breaking away, realizing the incredible and exciting possibilities for the rich and rewarding life you’ve always longed for. START READING NOW

Daily Excerpt

- The Hustler's Key Ethical Flaw

Certain concepts and themes will appear at various times to be considered from different perspectives. For example, through the lens of our sense of life, the idea was introduced that we can destroy values [Chapter 3]. Those with a destructive sense of life will pursue and coerce the producers into sacrificing themselves. There is a moral aspect to this destruction because it’s based on a flaw in ethical principles that results in sacrifice. This principle is so crucial to your happiness, love and prosperity that it will continue to be examined in different ways throughout this book.

Our failure to honor the natural rights and freedoms of the individual has resulted in the desperate state of the world. Individuals are so confused they don't recognize the cause of the splinter in their minds. They're unaware of the conflict between the constant demands for sacrifice clashing with their natural survival instinct to act in their own rational self-interest. The Authoritarian Hustlers further diminish the individual through their promotion of the morality of destruction that places mercy over justice, and equality of outcome over equality of opportunity (i.e., opportunity promoted under objective law, vs. opportunity provided under subjective law). They also promote an ethical principle that dishonestly elevates need to a right, for the sole purpose of instilling guilt that they use to manipulate their victims. This ethical principle is the basis for the morality of destruction.

The false authorities, when executing their hustle, devote themselves to unjustly portraying the moral, value-creating and effective individuals as evil, greedy and selfish. This lie and mischaracterization cloaks reality to hide the truth the dishonest dare not face, while setting the stage for their thievery. The principle immoral lie of the destructive sense of life is that the productive should sacrifice themselves for some greater cause.

At first, misguided principles dictated by the morality of destruction may seem good to the irrational mind, but the eventual consequence is that all individual rights are severely undermined or abolished. Statists, false authorities and dictators seek to create a mindset in their victims that accepts self-sacrifice as innocent and ethical by promoting 'good-sounding causes'. Inevitably, the ethical ideal reaches its ultimate, evil conclusion; the willingness to sacrifice human life to a cause defined by the authority or leader. The initial motivation for promoting sacrifice is to establish a thinking habit that encourages individuals to rationalize the destruction of their values to a higher cause. Once established, this thought pattern is defined as a virtuous ethical principle that is used to manipulate people into rationalizing the progressive levels of self-sacrifice. In the name of a higher cause, a basic template is established where one makes sense of transferring values without a balanced exchange. In this way, the individual is sacrificed and acts in a self-destructive mode, rather than with rational self-interest.

To their unsuspecting victims, the ethical principle that underpins this type of behavior seems loving and good, but upon examination it’s not because it relies on force, fraud or coercion. Destructive people encourage this behavior by promoting this ethical principle that lures the producers into destroying themselves. Innocently and without thought, the producers succumb to the twisted rationale of this ethical flaw that always has one outcome - human sacrifice.

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This isn't a typical book about "hidden secrets" or other gimmicky attempts at so-called enlightenment. The ideas here are truly unique and clearly written so everyone can benefit. You'll find the most powerful ideas from the great philosophers, thinkers and the science of achievement all in one place. The Splinter In Your Mind finally brings these life-changing ideas together, in a practical and easy-to-understand way.